About the language of the forum

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About the language of the forum

Post by Alain Cassagnau on Tue 28 Feb - 11:08

The forum is based in France, but it is set to work in english. Unfortunately, some little things remain in french ! I do apologise for that, even it's inside the technical roots of the forum and I don't have access to it). So you'll find some buttons in french, so please note what they mean :

- "NOUVEAU" : to create "new" post.
- "REPONDRE" : to "answer" with a new post. It will be placed as last post, in the top of the forum.
- "CITER" : to put some part of a previous post in "quotes", inside your answer. When you edit your new post, included part will be inserted between the words "quote" : don't suppress them to keep the quotes in your published post. But you can suppress some words/lines between "quote" to keep only the essential of them.
- "EDITER" : to "edit" your message.

If I find some other case of french terms, I'll add them in this post.

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